I was wrong to think of UI developers as lightweights. A good UI developer is anything but a lightweight.

There. I've said it.

Arrogance, thy name is Pete

10 years ago I felt I had to make a choice. I could either specialize in the back end stuff, architecture, databases, such as that. Or I could do UI. 

DId I make the right decision career wise? Maybe. I chose the back end, and it's been a really nice ride. I'm a systems guy, and there's enough there to keep me always learning, the money hasn't been bad, all is well.

So here's the question. Just because I chose the back end, did I have to be arrogant and assume that the front end was for lightweights? Sure, it would make me feel better if I had some kind of self image problem, but was it necessary? Was it right?

At the time that I made the decision, the marketplace for UI developers was not as well regarded. That gave me a false sense of greater worth in making the other choice.

Really Impressed

My unbridled arrogance has made me to want to develop my own program for sale in the marketplace, so this year I am becoming a UI developer.

I've chosen Eclipse as my platform (despite the fact that I still feel the Netbeans Platform might be a much more sensible choice). So I'm learning from some pretty serious UI guys about how to do things for long term maintainability.

The conclusion I've come to is that my arrogance about UI development skills is completely wrong. There's a lot of skill and brilliance to good UI design and development.

Maybe a year from now

Maybe a year from now I'll be a half ass decent UI developer. It certainly won't be much before then. Until then, it's a steady diet of Humble Pie.

Flames and comments from many great UI guys that I have worked with over the past decade are well deserved.