This is the second weekend this year that I got this page going to a jboss site. Last time it was for days. So far, this time, it's almost 24 hours.

jboss down

This is a company whose primary product is reliable server software. How reliable does it look when their own site goes down for hours, days at a time?

It is all the more maddening when it's an open source company, because open source gets called into question just for being open source.

It's Not Personal

For me it's just an inconvenience. I had a weekend to work on the next piece of technology I wanted to learn and bring into my customer's work environment later, so instead I'll wait until my next free weekend. For me, no big deal other than a wide spacing between available weekends.

But it does bring into question the whole management of the company. Are they really that clueless? Are they really that unconcerned about the impression that this creates in the greater community?


One of the classic hallmarks of under-performers is to have good excuses for bad performances. I really hope they don't offer up any reasons or excuses for this, that would be as bad as the infraction itself. There really is no good excuse for management behavior such as allowing this to happen for long periods of time repeatedly in the same year.