"If you are an Ops engineer, we are all Devs now. Because, Ops is becoming all code driven."

This was the general agreement among the participants at last week's 'State of the Cloudy Union' meetup. 

At First, It Was a Wise Crack

The first guy that popped this out at the meetup was saying it like he meant it to be a wisecrack. But everyone seemed to instantaneously agree.

So then another guy parroted it back. There was a pretty heated discussion going, and it was obvious that this was not one of the points of contention. Even though the first guy that popped it off seemed to be an Ops guy, himself.

Ops Guy on Every Team?

The other point of contention in this area also seemed to resolve itself very quickly. We had the usual loud discussion that seems to center on whether or not Devs should do their own Ops work, because Ops are going the way of code anyway. But that soon resolved itself without any argument, even though the room seemed to be dominated by Ops guys anyway.

That's when the crack about "We are all Devs now" seemed to become the accepted conclusion. It doesn't much matter where you come from, and it doesn't matter if you are on or off the specific team. Ops is code now. A rose is a rose, by any name.

Few More Years

None of this has happened already. There are still lots of trends that need to run themselves out. Container or VM? Chef or Puppet or Ansible? Etc.

The main speaker for the meeting concluded that we have about 3 more years before it's just generally accepted that Ops is code.