With the release of it's long anticipated FAQ regarding it's plans for Sun after acquisition, Oracle has now posted a form of an IQ test for Information Management (Note: Oracle has removed the referenced document). 

The release is both welcomed and helpful. Will it kill MySQL ? No, it will invest more. Same answer as well for Glassfish and other key technologies such as Java itself. Good news from almost any perspective, as these are all key technologies.

The IQ test comes in the form of pattern recognition, like any good IQ test. Smart managers will always assume that Larry Ellison will take the most direct route to monetizing any technology. That pattern has been set, and from many perspectives, it can be said that he will do so in such a way as to substantially leave products alone, once he has figured a way to take an Oracle tax out of the transactions involved. Take PeopleSoft, for example, or WebLogic, or others.

The real IQ test for manager's comes from recognizing and reacting to the many different and interesting patterns. These are more than we usually have to recognize from Oracle's behaviors. Oracle has always owned downstream technologies, or at least everything except the database itself. It has always been brazenly aggressive about monetizing these downstream technologies, as any proper corporation should be.

With Java, Oracle buys the source of the stream itself. It may not be able to cut off the entire flow of the river, but it can surely make an attempt at holding every downstream player hostage. Larry Ellison has never been shy, it will be interesting to see how this behavior pattern intersects with this acquisition. The smartest corporate managers will be able to prove their IQ by appropriate pattern recognition, just as they always do. 

How will other corporations react? IBM? The Fortune 1000? HP? How will developers react? Pattern recognition enough to make any IQ test a real toughie. 

These will all be some very interesting patterns to recognize and react to. I for one, lack the IQ to guess where this one will go. Too many interesting patterns to recognize, too hard to predict which ones will manifest. 

Larry can charge corporations for his software, but he can't charge me for entertainment, and that's the biggest gainer of all for me because this is a very entertaining show.