You wanted to give the Eclipse RCP Platform a serious look, but you were:

  1. Too lazy to search for best tutorials?
  2. Wanted 60-second reality checks B4 committing your time?
Lars Vogel has already done all the real work in preparing a great tutorial, the added value here is bite sizing it for your easy consumption.

SpeedCast (60 seconds or less)

"How-to" screencasts are often as interesting as watching paint dry, so what follows is speedcasting - sped up so you can do a sub 60-second check to see if it's even worth jacking with.  

But first, this is the link to the tutorial itself if you didn't get it above.

You'll find that it makes a really easy study of some platform features that take you quite a bit of searching if you look for them on the web independently. Altogether you are creating a dozen different sample projects, each demonstrating different features of the Eclipse Platform

The speedcasts are almost all less than a minute:


Moderate Speed for Closer Study:

Here are the same recorded videos at a more reasonable pace, for following along with Lar's great tutorial:


Here's what I got out of this exercise:

It is strange - a good strange - to create platform code using a UI that writes xml in the background. Much less java is written as part of these exercises, relative to what you might expect if (for comparison) you're a straight Swing developer.

The other thing you get from this is tutorial is a kind of compressed or speed learning

Please comment if you don't like my speedcasts, I'm trying to get a handle on whether they are a good medium or not.

Happy Trails! 

Many thanks to Lars Vogel for this and his other great tutorials online.