Making simplicity complex, for fun and profit: Roger Sessions makes his next move.

You might think you're reading the Drudge Report on software, with MIT grad students doing the numerical analysis. It's a superb job of mixing fear-mongering with obnosis and fancy formulas. Pages later, you'll come to the conclusion that things are too complex, and that you can hire Roger Sessions to show you how to make things simple.

Or you could just make things simple, and save yourself the read, not that it wouldn't be entertaining. So much bold type and emphasis ! And formulas, too !


If you've been following Roger Sessions for the past decade or so, you may remember him as an indirectly paid apologist for Microsoft, for a while he did seminars where hundreds of people would show up to hear him bash Java and pump Microsoft technologies as being more sensible. It was a tough sell, but he did a fantastic job, and he has a beautiful voice that is fun to listen to. I miss them.

He railed against EJBs. He was right of course, EJBs got ignored into oblivion where they belonged. 

He railed against lots of stuff for a long time, but last couple years or so (?) he has been ranting on this software complexity thing, and it's doing quite well for him. Go Roger !

A More Positive Approach ?

The Spring framework has been making headway against complexity for a long time too, but not by ranting and producing whitepapers. They just quietly go about making simpler ways to do things. Kind of silly isn't it ? What's up with that ?

Now Spring is acquired by VMWare and you can just install an EC2 virtual machine with your favorite simple install, and presto you're in business. No Fuss, No Muss, No Bother. Sure you can make it as complex as you want, but that's for the corporate types who need to justify their existence, not for those of us just getting stuff done.

Want a service ? No problem, 15 minutes later you have a service and you're done.

My Beef With Roger Sessions

Any intelligent observer would conclude that Roger Sessions is doing more good than bad. For that, he deserves what he gets, which is a very popular following. 

My beef is not that he should or should not be doing it, but this whole thing about making a religion and a priesthood about simplicity is baffling. Roger, please. Slow down on the coffee and take a nice long bike ride or something. Any sense of perspective would make you realize that you're right, but you're right about something that is blindingly obvious and easy to fix. 

Or, at least it would be easy to fix. If anybody really wanted to fix it.

The only reason things are complex is because people want them to be complex. Just like you Roger, we want to be needed. We want people to come to us for solutions, but if the solutions are too simple they won't come to us, they'll just do it themselves.

So we make things complex. Just like you are doing with this silly whitepaper and seminar industry on simplicity.

If you want to make things simple, just do that. Make things simple.

Just don't expect it to sell though, because everybody wants to be a high paid Technology Priest, So Roger, that's just like you. And one can't do that unless one makes things complex, just like you have, Roger.