Every technology can enable questionable or even destructive uses. What follows is one that OSGI enables.

From that perspective, this screenshot is perfect OSGI anti-pattern. OSGI going to the dark side. (No, it has nothing to do with groovy or the plugin shown)

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... from the "Can't We All Just Get Along?" department, you may feel as I do... You want to be lazy where you can, and let these specific Java tools do your work for you. 

And of course, you want it to happen without them fighting each other, and without keeping multiple layers of duplicate metadata synched up in pom.xml, MANIFEST.MF, and gosh knows what other files. In other words, you want DRY.

Sounds great huh? Consider Tycho, if that's your situation. This is Sonatype's work in progress, which neither supports nor fights Spring OSGI, and lets you use the MANIFEST.MF file as your configuration instead of your pom.xml. Even works with p2, if that's you thing.

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The first thing you need, if you're going to do enterprise OSGI, is a starting template for a modular project.

5 minutes, right? We've all done this before. Right click in the IDE > new > project > yada yada

Not So Fast

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Setting aside my natural state as the reclusive nerd-type I flew in to Silicon Valley this week for my first EclipseCon. Lots of new experiences to take in, new aquaintances, and a first convention representing my new employer, Genuitec.
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Back when WordPerfect was the king of the hill and Microsoft Word was the challenger I remember there was a setting or something you could turn on that would make Word look more like WordPerfect so that you wouldn't have to re-learn all your habits.

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As a developer, how much time do I spend adding value, and how much time maintaining infrastructure ?

Sometimes my estimate goes like this

  • Adding Value: 20% of my time
  • Maintaining Infrastructure 80% of my time

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