Intelligence is now running rampant and uncontrolled in every direction of IT:

  • Build talent internally with long term focus on full time employees!
  • Build from services, don’t build everything internally!
  • Open source is super great. Supported too? All the better!
  • Deployment & development : same thing!
  • Externally managed cloud resources? One excellent option.
All of these shifts are happening now. It is very real, and it isn’t a blip, it’s a permanent shift. Weird.
We couldn’t be happier. But it is a little scary.

Darn, There Goes Our Business Model

“Wow our team is really making some moves! Look, [Herbert] automated some of his tasks with an ant script! We’re even putting it into production”.

Pick One? Or Two?

Let's keep the message simple. We are crossing a chasm - right here and right now. Much will be said as the crowd crosses, but the essence of the moment is a very simple shift. We now get to have both of what used to be either/or. Read more »

I just committed a 15 minute bug fix that cost me 5 challenging days. That's a [nominal] $4000 bucks down the drain, all to the negative - with no offsetting gains.

If you are a developer, this blog is for showing your manager why fixing stuff later can sometimes cost 150 times as much. Just one example, but at least this one is clean, and it's real. Read more »

    Tends to believe that all things in software development can be automated, regardless of evidence to the contrary.
    Obsessed with teasing out the common elements to every two or more tasks, refactoring the code to automate the common elements.

Software Engineering is often regarded as an oxymoron by those of us with any experience in this industry. Craft? Sure. But Engineering? Not! Read more »

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99% on Vimeo.

Seth Godwin normally poses as a marketing guru, which makes this video an odd duck for the software developer. 

If you want the abridged version: "Ignore all the normal excuses. Set a date, and ship your software. The world needs it."

You may or may not agree with the conclusion, but he does a great job of busting through the noise and identifying how a culture of excuses and passive aggressive players can keep a development organization from succeeding. Read more »


Making simplicity complex, for fun and profit: Roger Sessions makes his next move.

You might think you're reading the Drudge Report on software, with MIT grad students doing the numerical analysis. It's a superb job of mixing fear-mongering with obnosis and fancy formulas. Pages later, you'll come to the conclusion that things are too complex, and that you can hire Roger Sessions to show you how to make things simple. Read more »

Sharp Programmers Like To Kick Butt

When you are working around sharp programmers, one of the biggest challenges can be staying out of their way.

What is even more counter-intuitive is that staying out of their way can mean challenging them to the maximum, and seeing to it that they stay challenged on a consistent basis.

Never realized until this week, how much harder that makes a manager's job. Read more »