In our shop, we deliberately chose to write our own cookbooks - most of the time. Even though NIH - Not Invented Here - is at the top of what software engineers try to stay away from. If we can help others with what we have learned about NIH vs ReInventing Chef recipes - here goes:

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In this post, I hope to illuminate that OSGi is not only the red-headed stepchild of Java development, but also quite helpful, when used by smart people on the right project. How delicious it was Tuesday night, when OSGi stood at the center  of one of the most helpful presentations I have seen in my 15 years of Java.

In this presentation, OSGi wasn't even trying. OSGi is like that.

Backstory: OSGI Sux

"If you are an Ops engineer, we are all Devs now. Because, Ops is becoming all code driven."

This was the general agreement among the participants at last week's 'State of the Cloudy Union' meetup. 

At First, It Was a Wise Crack

The first guy that popped this out at the meetup was saying it like he meant it to be a wisecrack. But everyone seemed to instantaneously agree. Read more »

Pick One? Or Two?

Let's keep the message simple. We are crossing a chasm - right here and right now. Much will be said as the crowd crosses, but the essence of the moment is a very simple shift. We now get to have both of what used to be either/or. Read more »

I just committed a 15 minute bug fix that cost me 5 challenging days. That's a [nominal] $4000 bucks down the drain, all to the negative - with no offsetting gains.

If you are a developer, this blog is for showing your manager why fixing stuff later can sometimes cost 150 times as much. Just one example, but at least this one is clean, and it's real. Read more »