If I had a better imagination, I would probably find better things to do with programming than handle financial transactions and media and documents and such. Instead I sit here in a cubicle staring at 2d screens, writing programs that automate finanancial transactions.

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, I read Boys Life and Mechanics Illustrated which gave us wild ideas of what would happen in the future. Wow, things were going to be great ! Read more »

Yesterday I got asked What are my principles for sofware development ? Not just my strategy and tactics, but the high level rules that determined them. A bit of a challenge eh ?.  Uber-rules or something like that.

Kept it to 7, more than that and it's not principles. How's this ? Read more »

Found out that the project we had been working on for months just got cancelled last week. It is being replaced by another project attempting to do the same thing in a different way, with different technologies and different structures. We will ignore a super powerful and capable app, and instead re-invent our own which clones some of it's features. 

No specific names here, not good business to go public with this kind of stuff. Read more »