Found out that the project we had been working on for months just got cancelled last week. It is being replaced by another project attempting to do the same thing in a different way, with different technologies and different structures. We will ignore a super powerful and capable app, and instead re-invent our own which clones some of it's features. 

No specific names here, not good business to go public with this kind of stuff.

The vendor in question was chosen because of it's mammoth size. Our client is a mammoth corporation too, so they want someone that is equally powerful and will be around for a while. Money seems to be no consideration, only getting the results that our client wants. Our team has put a lot of work into making this vendor implementation work, but the problem was the vendor has ( in at least this one feature set ) a very poorly designed product. So now we aren't even going to use the vendor's offering on this feature set, in favor of creating our own home-made feature in a completely separate system. 

All because it is overly complex.

This complexity offers no benefit, or at least one I can detect.

The funny thing is a little design change would probably fix the whole thing in days, but when you are a mammoth company with a mammoth installed base and a relatively poorly designed product to start with, the one thing you DON'T do is change something in the design. Bad design promotes more bad design. Just kind of the way things work. 

So instead we are going to recreate our own from scratch. Not that I'm complaining, it will be a nice contract, and probably take less time than figuring out how to Rube Goldberg around the vendor's implementation.

It would be nice if Steve Jobs wasn't weird.

By that I mean, if everyone understood design like he did, wouldn't be that big a deal for things to be designed as well as Apple products were designed. I just wonder if companies realize how expensive crappy design really is, no matter how little or how much cash you pay for it.