Maybe you would be wondering how long it takes a three year drupal veteran who knows nothing about how to set up a blog, much less set it up in drupal ?

I had a ton of help from Erik Weibust. He has been a blogger for years.

Here is only a partial list of what I had to do so far

  • taxonomy access module
  • feed burner
  • ton's of other modules half of which I never used but I was downloading and experimenting
  • login and setup
  • login and setup
  • basic blog setup on drupal
  • lots and lots of experimentation
  • probably a couple hours of Erik's time lining me up over the last few months.

Probably have 6-8 hours so far, plus all the time writing the blogs themselves, and all the time setting up drupal before I started.

Bottom Line - Use WordPress if you just want to blog

Not me, blogging is a subset of what I want to do so CMS is what I need. Drupal so far is the only game in town, in that regard. ( but only for my rules, others may be better for their rules).

My blog may be more powerful than Erik's in some ridiculous arcane way, but his is much simpler and easier to learn and use. That's power too.